The Pinnacle of Gravel Road Bike Technology

OPEN hits the mark with refined designs and clean aesthetics that exceed the demands of gravel and road riders. The launch of their brand in 2012 and their product development directly influenced how the bike industry settled many technical standards with brake mounts, tire clearance, single chainring setups, and gravel bike geometry.

Yearly model updates from big brands are now less relevant and the OPEN you purchase today will be fully capable in 10+ years. Here are 3 things to consider about a new OPEN.

  • From our own first hand experience and through customer feedback we are confident both the UP & WIDE are fully capable of tackling everything from group road rides to adventurous gravel.
  • Frames are readily available and you can choose from our stock parts specification or select your own custom tweaks. *This ability to easily adjust parts been a huge benefit through supply challenges.
  • The handling on the OPEN bikes is outstanding finding a sweet spot of predictable steering when running a range of tire sizes, but never feeling slow.

Tested in Steamboat Springs Colorado & Beyond

The OPEN Wide and UP were placed into the demanding service of our Steamboat Springs gravel outfitting fleet with outstanding results – The bikes build up extremely well with tight tolerances, they can tackle extreme riding conditions, and they perform on all conditions ranging from pavement to rough double track roads.